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Cake she hits different disposable

Cake she hits different disposable is the best delta8 brand right now in the cannabis world. The cake she hits different features some of the most potent D8 disposable such as the Berry Gelato disposable 1g. Our cake she hits different disposable are made or manufacture using only certified organic hemp that is grown in California, Washington, and Oregon. All of cake she hit different disposable delta 8 THC products contain extracts that are obtained using CO2 extraction. As well as this, you’ll find cannabis- and non-cannabis-derived terpene blends thrown in the mix to improve flavor and aroma. These cake she hit different disposable range is ever-growing. They already have an extensive range of delta 8 THC products on offer, but they’re also working hard to produce a variety of other plant extracts

Berry Gelato cake she hits different disposable for sale

The cake she hit different disposable is currently available now in stock for both bulk and retail sale. Consumers of cake she hits different disposable and lovers can start ordering them now. These cake she hit different disposable carts is very safe for consumption. As it has been lab tested and proven not dangerous for consumption. Cake she hits different disposable delta 8 carts contains one gram of the finest Delta 8 disposable ready to be paired with your favorite.

Available flavors

Gator Breath

Honey bun
Forbidden fruits
Jedi juice
Ice cream
Mango Kush
Purple cake
Runtz cake
Star dust
Laughing gas
Trap queen
Cookies N cream
Crunch Berry
Apple fritters
Sour apple
Purple punch
Cereal milk
Jack Herer
Lava cake
Frosted cake
Paradise OG
Mind Warp
Resin head


The Cake Delta 8 THC disposable never touches any metal surfaces.

ZERO additives or fillers – (NO PG, NO VG, NO Vitamin E Acetate).

1 gram of disposable per cartridge.

8 reviews for Berry Gelato – Disposable 1G

  1. Felix Jong

    I feel so grateful putting in this review on y’all website and it should be the first review since I started shopping with you guys. It’s so amazing that I was searching for Cake Carts the original on till I bumped on y’all and your Customer service spoke and advise me to try the new cake she hits different carts which I did and now the rest of the story is history as y’all delta 8 and 9 carts are the hottest now in the market.

  2. Elizabeth

    This should be my first review on y’all I’ve ordered like four times and always feel heavy to drop a review but this time I couldn’t hold back. I really enjoyed the the Berry Gelato flavor you guys recommended for me I really wanna say cake she hits different really hits different.
    Thanks Elizabeth.

  3. Perez Xavier

    The cake she hits different carts must be known for their awesome and unique job they’ve put in. This particular Berry Gelato flavor is a king flavor bro this shit kept me relax and chill the whole day I’m an anxiety and depression patient for 13 years now and I’ve never felt so relaxed in my whole life Cake she hits different is just the best at the moment.

  4. Brandon

    The Cake she hits different should be nominated for newest and best Delta 8,9 carts this people deserves their merits. From their packaging to what’s in the package man I can’t talk much thank y’all for the good work.

  5. Jay Stamford

    Hey shout out to you guys me and my friends really enjoyed this delta 8 Cake she hits different carts, the flavors were all so unique especially the Berry Gelato. Me and my friends are looking forward to grap two of those big boxes this summer 😂.

  6. Stacy ladle

    Hey guys I hope you still remember the lady with the order #5678 my package has been finally delivered I’m so sorry for all bad words. However I must confess that Cake she hits different is the best now around the country 🍭🍭

  7. Sam Lesly

    Hello Fellas this is the guy from Kansas I just want to say y’all certified I did my findings about this cake she hits different carts and it was confirmed to be save for consumption. I’ll be putting a bulk order hopefully soon. Thanks to you all.

  8. Robert Brown

    Hello this is Mario from Miami I was so satisfied with this particular Berry Gelato flavor it was the best amongst the 3 other flavors. I’ll like to know if you still have them in stock.
    Thanks 🙏🏻

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